Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint Encryption Solutions

ERUCES endpoint solutions transparently encrypt files and protect data as it is shared and copied throughout the enterprise. ERUCES endpoint solutions transparently encrypt files and protect data as it is shared and copied throughout the enterprise.

The instant information is created, it is encrypted and the enterprise retains ownership over the data. Additionally, our endpoint encryption software provides accurate, compliance-based reporting of sensitive data usage with real-time revocation.

Our endpoint encryption makes security, specifically, encryption and originator control, a native property of data. Users of our software can email attachments to other users, copy files to network and cloud services, move and backup files with ease.  Our solutions require no end user training and users have no requirement to initiate encryption.

ERUCES endpoint encryption applies security policies to the operating system and can automatically assign access to users or groups of users to encrypted data.

Encryption Key and Data Separation

If a protected computer is compromised, data will not be compromised as the encryption keys are not stored with the data. The encryption keys are sent to the endpoint when the authenticated user is authorized to access the data.

Across distributed networks and the cloud, key and data separation is a critical component when protecting digital assets and reducing risks of unintended disclosures of sensitive information.

Centrally Managed, Enforceable Security Policies

A security policy determines what data is automatically encrypted, which users should be assigned ownership, and the default applications that are allowed to access the data. Automatic enforcement enables users to work without changes to their workflows and allows managed services providers to backup sensitive data across public networks without compromising encryption keys.

Securely Share Files

Our file based encryption allows users to securely share files with other users across distributed, open networks using email and cloud file sharing services. No matter how many copies of the data is made, the owner of the data can revoke access to all copies to the data from a central location.

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