Cloud Encryption

Leverage the Cost Savings and Elastic Growth of Cloud Computing

ERUCES encryption and key management allows producers and consumers of data to leverage the operational and technical benefits of cloud computing by securing data without relinquishing control over data to cloud providers. Eruces solutions work transparent to cloud data storage, applications and distributed computing clusters hosted in the cloud.

Securing Data in the Cloud with Confidence

Encryption is the accepted solution to protect sensitive data on managed cloud networks. ERUCES offers data encryption with logically separate, centralized encryption key management.

Central key management enables key access control, key auditing and real-time revocation of data access. Eruces technology allows an organization to secure data and retain control across any collection of cloud computing architectures.

To Confidently Move Your Data to the Cloud:

  • Identify Sensitive Data
  • Encrypt Sensitive Data Items with Different Keys to Meet Access Control
  • Requirements
  • Control Encryption Keys

Transform Unstructured Data into Information Services

Unstructured data will grow some 80% over the course of the next five years creating a huge IT challenge. As data-driven insights become an increasingly critical competitive differentiator, companies will use them not only to drive and optimize business decisions but to drive new information services growth.

To cost effectively store and make Big Data available to business intelligence, organizations are moving their large data sets to the cloud. Big Data in distributed systems economically affords accessibility and elastic performance while allowing consumers of Big Data access to analyze the large data sets.

Securing the confidentiality and provenance of Big Data is the challenge. ERUCES offers products and solutions that allow Big Data producers to confidently leverage the cloud and expand their Big Data offerings without growing their own data centers.

A company’s core organization collects valuable unstructured data sets in the course of doing business. The cost to obtain the raw data contained in these comprehensive and unique data sets is virtually nonexistent. These unique data sets are the new foundation for business intelligence and advanced analytic services.ERUCES solutionscan help you transform unstructured Big Data sets to metered information services.

Deploy Cost Effectively and Reliably in the Cloud

ERUCES key management services can be deployed  virtualized and scale elastically with demand. Eruces offer a range of deployment models to fit business, compliance and federated infrastructure requirements.

  • Virtualized Key Management Services
  • Elastic Scaling
  • Reliability, Scalability of Cloud Services.
  • Hypervisor Support

To learn more about how your organization can move your infrastructure to the cloud and make your Big Data accessible with security and confidence, contact us